Free Water Conservation in the GTA


Reduce overall water cost and consumption by 15-25% of the subject property without affecting the lifestyle of the unit owner/occupant by stopping 100% of the leaks in suites.


Identify overall water consumption for subject property by completing 5-year historical analyses, and ultimately stop all in-suite leaks with sustainable solution. We also expect a further savings from the booster pumps, especially if you have done a retrofit to variable speed/flow drives. Stopping the leaks in the suites will lower the demand for the drives during off-peak hours, allowing them to slow down or stop. This will save even more money for the property.


Supply and install proprietary Electronic Smart Toilet Alert in every toilet, this device will notify the occupant if any problem should arise with their toilet. A visual red light will flash and a sound will notify them instantly that there is a problem. We will also install a tank diverter to make the existing toilet up to 30% more efficient without effecting flushing strength. Supply and install a new flapper for each toilet stopping all leaks in the existing toilet and perform full inspection of all exposed plumbing in every suite to reduce the risk of floods, and repair all dripping faucets as required.

Budget and Payback

We pay for the cost of the job in your building. Once the job is completed we share in the savings 50/50 for a 5-year term, if you don’t save money/water you don’t have to pay. Contact our office to learn how you can help your building decrease water flow and increase cash flow!

Client Water Consumption Reduced 

"If water is the new hydro, we have extensively searched for a service provider to reduce client water consumption in a cost effective manner. Canadian Home Plumbing has come through more than once with examples such as a 7 month payback and $31,000 annualized savings for one of our client sites. Well Done!" - Murray Johnson - Vice President, Client Service Development, Brookfield Residential Services Ltd.

Water Bill Reduced 

"After completing Canadian Home Plumbing's Water Conservation project, we reduced our overall water bill by OVER 40% without changing a single toilet." - John MacDonald, Board President

Polite and Hard-Working

"We found the entire experience when dealing with Canadian Home Plumbing, to be a very pleasant one. Their employees were polite, hard-working, and professional." - Joseph Natale – President of Net-Works, Property Management

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