Eliminate Water Waste and Save Money in the GTA

Serving Brampton and Mississauga, Canadian Home Plumbing holds the exclusive Canadian rights to the revolutionary water saving fill valve, SMART Fill-Valve and the proprietary Douglas Valve and Flapper. These valves help regulate the amount of water that fills your toilet bowl, which in turn, eliminates water waste.

The SMART Fill-Valve is installed by attaching a mini-ball valve to the top of the SMART Fill-Valve. The mini-ball valve can be adjusted according to how much water you want entering the toilet.

If you’re looking for help reducing your water waste in Brampton, Mississauga, or the GTA, call us today!

Douglas Valve and Flapper Installation

After the SMART Fill-Valve is installed, the old Douglas Valve is replaced with a new Douglas Valve and Flapper. Also, a tank to bowl kit and new brass bolts are installed. The brass bolts hold the tank onto the bowl.

How do the SMART Fill-Valve and Douglas Valve and Flapper Work?

A jet is attached to the bottom of the SMART Fill-Valve - this jet diverts the incoming water that fills the toilet tank. The diversion of water causes a cyclonic motion in the tank, cleaning the tank, removing lime, scale and build up. This swirling of water also cleans the flapper, which is the weakest part of the toilet.

The jet also acts as an alert. If the flapper ever fails, the sound of the air and water exiting the jet makes a flushing sound. In turn, this sound alerts the occupant that there is a leak in the toilet. This feature makes our solution sustainable.

The SMART Fill-Valve and Douglas Valve and Flapper in Your Building 

After the SMART Fill-Valve and Douglas Valve and Flapper system are installed, we then inspect all connected plumbing and faucets in each suite. A written report of any potential problems or damage found is created and submitted to the management company. This eliminates chances of flooding in the building.

As part of our commitment to water conservation, all fixtures found to be leaking from spout will be repaired (if possible). And as long as we get the cartridge, there are no additional charges to the occupant or corporation.

We Work on Saving You Money

With water rates increasing 6-10% per year, the SMART Fill-Valve and Douglas Valve and Flapper enables you to be environmentally and fiscally responsible. Our proprietary service will make your building 15-50% more efficient, without having to change the toilet, therefore reducing the impact on land-fills.

We have a sustainable water conservation system with results that speak for themselves. Contact our office to learn how you can help your building decrease water flow and increase cash flow!

Client Water Consumption Reduced 

"If water is the new hydro, we have extensively searched for a service provider to reduce client water consumption in a cost effective manner. Canadian Home Plumbing has come through more than once with examples such as a 7 month payback and $31,000 annualized savings for one of our client sites. Well Done!" - Murray Johnson - Vice President, Client Service Development, Brookfield Residential Services Ltd.

Water Bill Reduced 

"After completing Canadian Home Plumbing's Water Conservation project, we reduced our overall water bill by OVER 40% without changing a single toilet." - John MacDonald, Board President

Polite and Hard-Working

"We found the entire experience when dealing with Canadian Home Plumbing, to be a very pleasant one. Their employees were polite, hard-working, and professional." - Joseph Natale – President of Net-Works, Property Management

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