Sustainable Water Conservation in the GTA


Reduce overall water consumption for the property by 15-20% and create positive monthly cash flow, without affecting the lifestyle of the unit owner/occupant.


  • Supply and install one proprietary Leak Alertor 6000® in each toilet. This devise will audibly and visually notify the occupant if any problem should arise with their toilet.
  • Supply and install a fill cycle diverter to make the existing toilet up to 30% more efficient without effecting flushing strength.
  • Supply and install new flappers in each toilet.
  • Supply and install remote monitoring equipment on the main water meter as well as cooling tower and irrigation lines (where meter are available)
  • Supply and install one Smart Flow devise on the main water line
  • Inspect all exposed plumbing in each suite to reduce the risk of floods and repair all dripping faucets as required.

Shared Savings

We pay for the cost of the job in your building. Once the job is completed, we share the created savings 50/50 for a 6-Year term. If you don’t save money/water, you don’t pay. Canadian Home Plumbing will maintain the toilet issues and drippings faucets for the life of the contract, ensuring sustainable savings are achieved.

Client Testimonials

Client Water Consumption Reduced 

“I have used CHP for many Corporations, and have never been disappointed. My Boards have always taken my advice to use the 6 year plan for many reasons. First, there is no payment up front. This is a benefit to the owners as the more money saved on the monthly water bill, the more CHP benefits, so they will come back to the units when water is leaking or faucets need repair. This is equal to giving 6 years’ service to the residents, helping them with the cost, as well as the Corporation receiving half the monthly savings created. The staff is very friendly and our residents gave praise to their professionalism and courtesy while working in the units. – Terri Armour – Property Manager

Water Bill Reduced 

"After completing Canadian Home Plumbing's Water Conservation project, we reduced our overall water bill by OVER 40% without changing a single toilet." – John MacDonald, Board President PCC 579 – The Belvedere

Polite and Hard-Working

"We found the entire experience when dealing with Canadian Home Plumbing, to be a very pleasant one. Their employees were polite, hard-working, and professional." – Tanya Bord – Crossbridge Condominium Services Ltd.

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